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Twitter has turned out to be a GREAT resource for teaching! Who’d of thought? One tweet I came across linked me to Matt Gomez’ (a kindergarten teacher) blog post about using Google Doc in his classroom. But how could Google Doc be realistic for a kindergarten class? What if there aren’t many computers in the classroom? Mr. Gomez found a fun and interactive way to get his students involved with Google Docs.

Mr. Gomez, who teaches in Texas, used Google Docs as a way to connect with another kindergarten class in Montana. The two classes play 20 questions by typing back and forth to each other on a Google Word Doc. Playing 20 questions may not seem all that educational for these kindergarteners, but how Mr. Gomez used it to broaden his students’ minds about other places in the world.

Each kindergarten class pick an animal or plant that was native to their own state, but that they other may not know much about or have never seen before. In this way they were broadening their mind about other places in the country and becoming familiar with their habitats. Students also had to work together and think critically in order to discover what the animal or object was before their 20 questions were up.

The activity was short and simple, but I think it was a great use of technology in the classroom. Mr. Gomez taught the kids many lessons through a simple activity. First, they became familiar with Google Docs which they will now be able to use in the future with their assignments and learning for other classes. Second, students had to learn to work together to discover the answer. Third, students had to use critical thinking and learn how to ask good questions in order to make their way to the answer. And fourth, they gained more global awareness.

If you ask me this simple game taught Mr.Gomez’ kindergartener many lessons that will help them later on with their continued education.


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  1. What a super cool idea! I can imagine how this activity would garner attention from students, no matter what age. Not only would using Google Docs in this way make learning fun, but I would think it would also help out with social skills…maybe even link kids to new friends in different places.

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