Blog 3: Digital Media* New Learners of the 21st Century

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While watching PBS’s Digital Media* New Learners of the 21st Century, the Digital Youth Network program caught my attention. This after-school program allows students to utilize different forms of media to increase their knowledge and and pursue their interests. Before watching this video I thought of video and music production as a hobby. I didn’t see how it can be use as another way of building on top of more traditional learning.

Its not possible to produce a song or video without the ability to read, write, problem-solve, or interact with others. There are many steps to producing media, which enable a student to pursue their interests while incorporating what they have learned and potentially adding on to that. If a student wants to create a video or song about a piece of knowledge they wish to share, they first need to be educated themselves on the material.

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Bloom’s taxonomy (above) shows the steps to mastering content. Through creating games, videos, music, and other forms of media students must go through each of the steps in order to reach the top of the pyramid and create their own media sharing the information. A student has truly mastered a topic not only when they can past a test, but when they are able to teach the material again to other.

PBS’s documentary really opened my eyes to viewing media as less of a way for students to brainlessly waste their time and more as a useful resource in the classroom. Before I thought too much technology would create anti-social/anti-community members out of students, but when used correctly students learn that they have to depend on others in order to create solutions and begin to use media as a way to impact their community.


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