Blog 2: SOL Standard



The SOL standard I’m going to focus on for the semester is 4th grade English standard:

4.9  The student will demonstrate comprehension of information resources to research a topic.

  1.  Construct questions about a topic.
  2. Collect information from multiple resources including online, print, and media.
  3. Use technology as a tool to organize, evaluate, and communicate information.
  4. Give credit to sources used in research.
  5. Understand the difference between plagiarism and using own words.

A research project seems one-dimensional as to how to accomplish and teach it, but I believe that I can adopt lesson plans for how to teach it which will incorporate different learning styles. I can differentiate this standard for students by:

  1. Allowing students to pick their own topic of interest
  2. Demonstrating different media to use as research
  3. Allowing students to use different forms of media (digital storytelling, posters, papers, etc.) to present their findings.


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One thought on “Blog 2: SOL Standard

  1. Great target standard to focus on. I could see some exciting project based learning happening with this interest based research. Looking forward to see what you plan.

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