Blog 1: iLearn Technology

iLearn Technology

iLearn Technology is a useful tool for educators looking to incorporate more technology into their classrooms. The website was created by Kelly Tenkely. Kelly has worked both as a classroom teacher and a technology specialist.

On her blog she provides various websites which provide technological ways of learning. Kelly begins each post with describing what each program is. She goes on to provide options as to how to integrate these websites into the classroom settling.

I found this very helpful. If I had any confusion as to how to incorporate a website or app into a lesson plan Kelly gave her own opinion as to how to include it into a lesson. Her blog is clean and very easy to navigate. She follows the same outline for each post making it easy to search for the information you need.

Kelly also provides visual and examples of how she used different programs/apps. This allows the reader to get a quick preview of the finished project without having to open up different windows or go through the program themselves and end up not liking the finished outcome.


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